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IMPORTANT--SAVE this file! It contains vital information about this
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Table of Contents

* Welcome to OES-L
* OES-L Netiquette & Rulez
* OES-L Roster
* Change List Options
* How to Send and Receive Mail
* LISTSERV Tutorial
* LISTSERV Quick Command Summary
* OES-L Archives

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Welcome to OES-L! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The OES-L has a List Administrator, Jan Guthrie, an able assistant and a List Owner, Aimee Pharr. To get help, please send an email to
<> and one of us will help you.

This mailing list is devoted to the discussion of the Old English Sheepdog (OES). We welcome all OES owners, prospective owners, breeders, exhibitors or anyone else with an interest in the breed. Absolutely anything that has anything to do with Old English Sheepdogs may be discussed here, such as conformation, obedience, temperament, rescue, herding, agility, health issues, friendly chat, etc.

We also hope to meet public education needs, foster ethical breeding practices, and promote responsible dog ownership.

Please review the following section "Netiquette & Rulez" before posting to the List.

We then encourage you to introduce yourself and your dogs to the list.. This helps break the ice and lets everyone welcome each other. It is a warm and friendly group and we are glad to see you here.

OES-L Netiquette & Rulez


When sending a message to this List, please remember to sign your message with your first name (or nickname), your location (at least approximately) and e-mail address. This is
for the convenience of people who wish to reply to you privately.

OES-L uses Topic keywords in the subject line of each message. Messages are distributed to those subscribers who are set to receive said topics. For instructions on how to set which topics you receive, please refer to the section entitled "Change List Options".

Although this List is hosted in the United States, there are List Members from countries all around the world. Please be sensitive to cultural differences and understanding of those for whom English is not a first language.

Personal flames directed toward anyone on or off the list are *strongly* discouraged and will result in permanent and immediate removal from the List. "Flames" are defined as messages which are not respectful of the list or the individual.

This list is made possible through donated time and services. It exists as a direct result of the efforts of real people willing to volunteer their time and energy, not because of any abstract constitutional principles. If that willingness to volunteer is destroyed by individuals
who are not willing to be good list-citizens, so too will be the list.

Finally, be kind, have fun and enjoy! :-)


By default, all new subscribers are set to "Review" which means that all messages intended for the list will be on approval for an unspecified period of time. This process is done to assist you, the subscriber, in learning List rules and proper posting protocol, and to help prevent Spam.

Commercial advertising of any sort is prohibited.

This list is not intended to advertise litters or dogs for sale.

List members may mention their OWN litters in discussion but, again,
"advertisements" are not allowed.

The presence of any breeder on this list is NOT to be construed as a
recommendation by the List Owners or any other party.

Any message advertising or recommending breeders outside this list is
not appropriate.

Comments about specific breeders, judges or kennels are strongly
discouraged. NEGATIVE comments about any person or entity are PROHIBITED.

Requests for information regarding judges are welcome, but responses
must be made via private e-mail.

This is NOT a place for flame wars.

By subscribing to the List and continuing to receive messages from, you agree to hold Jan Guthrie and Aimee Pharr harmless for opinions expressed on this List.
The opinions expressed in this unmoderated Mailing List do not
necessarily reflect the opinions of the List Owner or Administrator.

OES-L articles and posts, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are
copyrighted by the original poster(s) and may NOT be retransmitted
in any form without the explicit permission of the original poster.

Please honor a poster's wishes should he not want his posts sent
elsewhere. Moreover, this list may not be reflected to other sites
without explicit permission from BOTH the poster(s) and the List Owner.
The "OES-L" list name is the property of the List Owner, all rights

The List Owner asks that you not use this List as your personal
e-mail. If you wish to send a message directed to one person and one
person only, PLEASE send it PRIVATELY.

If you cannot accept these terms, unsubscribe NOW.


Topic keywords allow subscribers to specify which topics they would
like to receive. Remember, this is a two-way street. You need to send
messages with the appropriate topic or the correct audience will not
receive it. The topics in use on OES-L are as follows:

ADMIN: To be used by list administrators ONLY or by permission
from List Administrators when a post is of importance to everyone.
You must subscribe to this Topic.

ACTIVITY: To cover all agility, herding, obedience, and therapy dog
activities. Trial results may be posted here as well as any related

BREEDING: To cover all breeder-related issues and litter announcements.

CHAT: To cover informal chat. May include, but is not limited to
silly anecdotes about pets, top ten lists, and general dog-related discussions not specifically pertaining to the OES. Not to be used
as a default Topic.

GREETINGS: To cover birthday wishes and other miscellaneous congratulations.

GROOMING: To cover all subjects related to the grooming of the OES.

HEALTH: To cover all health related issues.

BRIDGE: Short for Rainbow Bridge, a term coined by listers for where they will reunited their beloved OES that have past away. The topic is used to post your loss and for other who wish to express their condolences.

RESCUE: To cover information about rescue organizations,
rescue fund raising announcements and issue related to the rescue
of dogs.

SHOW: To cover all conformation-related activities, queries about
specific judges and shows, show results, and congratulations for
show wins.

TRAINING: To cover all behavior and training-related issues.

MISC: To cover any subject not listed above. This is not to be used as a default Topic.

How to SEND mail to the list

Once you are subscribed to OES-L, you can send mail to the list. ONLY
subscribers can mail to OES-L. To send a message to the list, send it to:

just like you were sending it to another individual. It will be copied
and distributed automatically by the server, sometimes referred to as
ListServ. Be sure to include the Topic in your subject line that is most
appropriate to the content of your post. If a post seems to have several
elements in it, use multiple Topic keywords (e.g., HEALTH, ACTIVITY:)
in the subject line.

* ALWAYS use a TOPIC in your subject line.
* ALWAYS use good, descriptive subjects.
* ALWAYS use a colon after your TOPIC.
* When replying to a list message, don't worry about the "Re:"
that is automatically placed in the subject. Listserv (the
software program) will ignore it.

For example, if I wanted to post a question on how to properly groom an
OES for the show ring, my subject line may look like this:

Subject: GROOMING, SHOW: How to trim rear for show ring

For a detailed discussion of the correct usage of Topics, visit:

How to RECEIVE mail from the list

To subscribe to only certain topics, send a command to In the body of the message type:

SET OES-L TOPICS: xxx yyy zzz

where xxx yyy zzz represent the topic keywords. You can list an absolute
set of topics to receive, or add and subtract to the those you
currently subscribe. Remember, you must always subscribe to the
ADMIN: topic. Here are some examples:

Means that you will get all messages sent to the list, including
unlabelled ones.

Means that you will get all list mail except those marked CHAT.

Means that you will recieve mail only with any of these three labels
present in the subject line.

Means that you will get mail only that has been labelled with a
topic keyword.

Means that you are adding the topic ACTIVITY to whatever your current
topic setting is.

The "+" sign and "-" sign are used to add and subtract topics from the
topics you currently receive. To see to which topics you are currently
subscribed, send a QUERY command to listserv as instructed in the
"Listserv Quick Command Summary" below.



Before sending any message, make sure that you are using the correct
address. There are three addresses associated with the OES-L mailing


This address should be used to handle subscriptions (getting on and
leaving the list) and will automatically process commands sent to it.
Don't send questions that you expect a person to read to the
listserver address. This is simply a piece of software and software
doesn't understand anything other than a few commands. Do *NOT* include
a "signature" at the end of e-mail to the listserv.


This address should be used to send letters that you want distributed
to all readers of the list. Don't use this address to request to be
removed from the list. Use the listserver address when you want to
change list options or when you want to be removed from the list.


This address should be used when you need to reach the list
administrators for questions concerning on-list administration. The list
administrator is Bill Hitzenbuhler.


Listserv is a software program that manages the OES-L mailing
list. You may use listserv to control how you get mail from

To use any of these commands, send a message to:

with a blank subject line and the command(s) you want as the
body of the message. You may send more than one command at a
time; just be sure that they are on separate lines of the
message. Do NOT include a "signature" at the end of your message
or any other text. Send ONLY the commands.

IMPORTANT: If you are using America On-Line or another service that
requires you to put a subject line in your messages, try typing a
period (.) for the subject line. This should work in most cases. If
it doesn't, send a note to

What you want to have happen: What to send to listserv:
------------------------------- --------------------------
To subscribe SUB OES-L Your Name
To unsubscribe SIGNOFF OES-L
To stop list mail temporarily SET OES-L NOMAIL
(e.g., you go on vacation)
To restart mail SET OES-L MAIL
To receive digests containing all SET OES-L DIGEST
OES-L mail in 1 or 2 messages
To turn off digest and receive SET OES-L MAIL
mail as individual messages
To include the sender's e-mail SET OES-L DUALHDR
address on incoming mail
To get a listing of all commands HELP
To view your subscription options
and to see to which TOPICS
you are presently subscribed QUERY OES-L

OES-L Archives

All postings to OES-L have been archived and may be accessed by any
member of the list. To find out what files are available, send a
message to: <> and in the body of the
message, type: INDEX OES-L

A list of files will be returned to you. The format of the filename
is LOGyymmx, where "yy" is the year (e.g., 95), "mm" is the month
(e.g., 08), and "x" is a value a, b, c, d, or e (for which week in
the week the a month that you're requesting).

To retrieve one of the archived files, send a message to:
<> like the following: GET OES-L LOGyymmx

For instance, GET OES-L LOG9508c will get you the archive for the
3rd week in August, 1995. You can retrieve more than one archive at
a time by putting them on separate lines of the message.

If you have web access, you can now go to:

to download/search OES-L's archives. You will need to enter your e-mail
address and choose a personal password in order to gain access as only
list subscribers are allotted this privilege. Please choose a password
you will not forget because it can not be retrieved if lost.

Last updated: May 23, 2006

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