The many faces of the list, and (sometimes) their "uprights"
small product photo   Dazzle and Sadie table   small product photo   small product photo
Sadie (who lives with Jan Guthrie in Racine, WI)
Herding with Shannon and the Goats

Look carefully under the table
Sadie (on top) and Dazzle (now lives with Kristine
Loland) under in Racine, WI

  A Special Photo
  Waiting for ..
Molly slumbering   small product photo   small product photo   small product photo
Molly keeping the bed warm for Lee Townsend
West Hartford, CT
  left to right side:Alika 8 years old,Crossy her son 6 years old,and Affair a former
rescue dog and her golden girl with 12 years

In Austria,near Klagenfurt. with their owner, Susanne
  A special time
  Whose Dog?
where do they live?